Professional Services  

CionSystems Professional Services is the full-service IT Consultancy and GIS service business unit of CionSystems Inc.

CionSystems provides software development solutions to leading technology companies that demands best-in-class design, development and testing methodologies. CionSystems architects, developers and testers provides solutions for a broad cross-section of business and technology disciplines, our teams provide high quality, cost-effective options for creating applications that are scaleable, extensible and secure.

CionSystems will become a seamless extension of our customers ENGINEERING, to ensure they meet their business objectives by providing scalable, innovative, best-in-class, on-time software development services.

With a focus on:

  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Ease of use

GIS and Remote Sensing Services

CionSystems Inc. provides a variety of GIS programming services - GIS programming, Remote Sensing and Image Analysis, GIS mapping and Digitization, and GIS Data conversions. Our GIS services allow for the development and visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. We are predominantly based on ESRI technology, while other GIS technologies including open source platforms are also used and supported e.g. MapGuide, Map Info, Grass etc. We specialize in web based programming on ArcGIS Server platform, in addition to desktop based programs on ArcGIS Desktop. We also support legacy programs on older versions of ArcGIS, and help our customers migrate to the latest ArcGIS platforms.

GIS data conversion allows data from different sources to be merged in one common geodatabase format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization. Based on paper or electronic data captured by our customers, our engineers undertakes data conversions and prepares electronic maps using appropriate GIS technology.

We provide software engineering support for GIS programming and spatial data management to government and industrial organizations through comprehensive turnkey projects and professional services around the globe.

Our GIS Services include the following:
  • GIS Applications Development using latest ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server platforms, Grass, Map Info, MapGuide
  • Programming in Microsoft .NET, VB, C#, SOAP/ REST, Adobe Flex, IBM Websphere
  • Enterprise GIS System Design and Architecture
  • Map Production, Analysis and Publishing
  • Geodatabase Design and Development
  • GIS Remote Sensing and Image Analysis using industry standard software e.g. ERDAS, ER Mapper

IT Consulting Services

CionSystems prides itself in providing the best solutions to our clients. Our development process includes:
  • Analysis- Investigate the landscape and identify obstacles and challenges
  • Requirements- Layout Alternative solutions
  • Design and Architecture- Plan to accomplish the desired goals by designing and architecting solutions with scalability and the future in mind
  • Mobilize- Resources and stakeholders to put the plan in action
  • Engineer- Engineer the architecture, test and document
  • Monitor- Performance, provide on going support and measure success
  • Knowledge transfer- At every milestone, provide knowledge transfer to the client. CionSystems is staffed to provide ongoing project maintenance for our customers when needed.

Knowledge transfer plays an important part in our approach. In our opinion, it is paramount for consulting resources to provide a total application and tools competency to customers and users. Delivery does not stop at project deployment. The final result must incorporate a complete project analysis to ensure your ongoing success.

  Software Design & Development Services  

CionSystems software design and development team will help you to build applications rapidly and cost-effectively. We can take your concept or a specification through the complete software development life cycle (SDLC) thereby providing a cost effective and best-in-class solution.

  • Requirements definition and specification creation
  • Architecture design and engineering
  • Core engineering and coding
  • Feature and driver engineering
  • Application integration and interoperability engineering
  • Application tuning and performance engineering
  • Application QA and testing
  • Application Porting, Maintenance & Sustainment- Engineering: CionSystems can manage the post release feature development, bug fixing and maintenance of your applications, enabling you to focus new solutions.
  • Porting applications to different platforms
  • Line extensions and feature updates
  • Patch engineering and bug fixes
  • Data management and clean-up
  • Documentation maintenance

  QA and Testing Services  

CionSystems provides comprehensive quality assurance and testing services that will improve the quality of your products and applications. Our depth of testing expertise combined with our unmatched pool of professionals, and technologies ensures that our clients can scale to meet their ever-increasing test requirements and release a quality product.We offer a complete range of both black box and white box testing services to help you ensure the quality of your software products.


Test Planning:
Test planning is the most critical step in achieving faster and more effective software testing. We approach test planning with a client-centric approach, developing strategies and implementation plans with a view catered to our client's entire product development lifecycle.

Our test planning services include:
  • Test plan development
  • Test case generation
  • Static test analysis
Automation and testing services include:
  • Test case planning
  • Test case generations
  • Functional testing and analysis
  • Boundary testing and analysis
  • Path coverage testing
  • Use-case testing
  • Data flow testing
  • User interface testing
  • Load performance testing
  • Compatibility and interoperability testing
  • Platform configuration testing
  • Regression Testing

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